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Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


To become a world-class Management Study


  • To organize international quality higher education institution in a professional manner
  • To produce competent and competitive graduates of excellent characters
  • To maintain and expand cooperation and/or networking with various parties, at home and/or overseas


  1. To produce professional and competitive graduates of excellent characters and able to obtain world-class professional certifications
  2. To produce qualified, skilled and independent graduates who are sensitive to world-class business dynamics
  3. To publicize research results to the stakeholders
  4. To render business consultancy through suggestions and consulting services in business management field


  1. To produce graduates who master management science and have research capability and have international certification in management business field
  2. To increase competitiveness, skill and knowledge required in the business world
  3. To provide the students with knowledge and science on business management
  4. To increase the number of timely graduated students.
  5. To develop the capability of lecturers (particularly permanent lecturers) in a continuous learning process)