Trisakti School of Management has been known as a campus with a champion tradition in the economic field. During its 45 years of existence, Trisakti School of Management has produced thousands of graduate students and students who are trusted to be able to compete internationally. Apart from being a place to get a bachelor’s degree, Trisakti School of Management also provides various job opportunities in several areas or often referred to as the “Assistance” program. This program provides opportunities for Trisakti School of Management students to gain work experience during their studies. To explore more information about this Assistance program, let’s take a look at some of the testimony from students who have participated in the Assistance program.

Abraham James, a 4th semester student who has joined as a marketing assistant since 2019. Currently, James is placed in a front office position to do negotiation and documentation. “Usually we negotiate with several high schools for full scholarship programs, Sahabat TSM Scholarship (BST), conduct presentations about campus and do Edufair activities,” explained James.

Apart from his work routine as a marketing assistant, he is also involved in events held by campus, such as big competitions in Jabodetabek. When the event is held, marketing assistants will be formed into several teams to do sponsorship and PIC competitions.

 “For Trisakti School of Management students, don’t forget to keep on our Instagram Trisakti School of Management (@tsm_trisakti) to see more information about the opening registration for a new assistant,” he added.

Cynthia Juliani,

a 8th semester student who works as Student Affairs Assistant (BAMA) in the Design division.

“After joining as a BAMA assistant, I understand more about campus administration. Besides that, I get a new perspective, getting to know the lecturers and staff at Trisakti School of Management and more easily finding out information about scholarships at Trisakti School of Management, “she explained.

Due to her position in the design division, her work is also related to design matters such as designing posters for Trisakti School of Management activities, designing displays for Trisakti School of Management and other several jobs.

Janet Jesslyn, is currently in the 6th semester and has recently enrolled herself and joined as part of the lecturer assistant for the 2020 academic year.

“If you want to try to become a lecturer assistant, just try it first. Don’t be afraid of getting lost in teaching or not being able to teach, because it’s just a process. For your information, before becoming a lecturer assistant, you will pass the test first, if you fail, don’t give up and try again. Being a lecturer assistant will give you an additional value when you’re looking for a job and also increase communication skills which will grow your self-confidence. This communication skill can also be used to prepare for a thesis trial. So just try it first, there’s nothing to lose! ”she explained.

Dinda Ramadhanty Dahlan

“When I joined as a library assistant, I became more familiar with TSM staff and also known by several lecturers,” she explained.

There are several jobs that are not known by students in general. The first job is known as “circulation”, its job is to scan a book barcode for borrowing and repayment activities. The second job is “shelving”, its task is related to rearranging the books that have been read or returned according to their shelves. The third job is “stock opname” where the library assistant will count and scan the books in the library, update the book’s quantity that are still available and place them according to the shelves. “Sometimes if the books are very messy, we do a mini stock opname, to clean up the book collections in the library,” she added.

 “Through this assistance program, you can experience a small simulation before entering the real world of work, where in the workplace we will meet with superiors or colleagues who have different levels and characters even though the main goal is teamwork,” she added.

Bella Audrey, a 6th semester student who has joined as Global Relation Office (GRO) assistant. The Global Relations Office oversees campus relations internationally, so its work such as dealing with MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) and other matters related to international cooperation.

“It’s tiring, but it’s more exciting. Because we work as a team, not individually, so we have to back up each other. Besides that, we have never been pushed to be perfect. We also have been guided too,” she explained.