To Become a World Class Accounting Program

  1. Organizing Higher Education Professionally with International Quality
  2. Creating World Class of Competent, Competitive, and Excellent Characteristic Graduates
  3. Establishing and Expanding Cooperation in Research and Community Service to the Society, both Domestic and International
  4. Producing Accounting Researches that are Internationally Recognized

Bachelor of Accounting is a study program that produces accounting graduates who are ready to become professional and competent accountants based on managerial thinking insights.

In order to become a professional and competent accounting bachelors in the current era of information technology, students are equipped with skills in information technology application, such as accounting software and similar things, and also analytical skills that include a managerial mindset in problem solving based on ethical and moral values that apply in the society.


Students are prepared to become professional accounting bachelors by analyzing and solving accounting and financial problems according to accounting policies and standards in Indonesia and international.

Students are prepared to become professional accounting bachelors with the ability to implement contemporary techniques and methods in management accounting in response to the needs of the rapidly growing business world.

Students are prepared to become professional accounting bachelors that have career opportunities in becoming external auditors in public accounting firms or internal auditors.

Students are prepared for a career of taxation in national or multinational companies and are able to analyse and answer problems in the taxation sector.

Bachelor of Accounting Programs Courses