To Become a World Class Management Program

    1. Organizing Higher Education Professionally with International Quality
    2. Creating World Class of Competent, Competitive, and Excellent Characteristic Graduates
    3. Establishing and Expanding Cooperation in Research and Community Service to The Society, both Domestic and International
  1. Implementing Higher Education Programs in a Professional and World Quality Manner
  2. Creating a Research-Oriented Study Program
  3. Fostering and Developing Institutional Collaborations and Partnerships that Provide Value Added for Each Other in Community Service
  4. Developing an Effective, Efficient, Transparent, Accountable, and Sustainable Management Program
  5. Implementing Integrated and Sustainable Student and Alumni Development
  6. Improving the Study Program Image in the Eyes of Stakeholders

The Management Bachelor Program prepares students to become graduates with international standards that are able to obtain national and international certifications which include competency and professional certification in a high quality and competence business management that consist of finance, marketing, and human resources. Through innovative, creative, and excellent character programs, the curriculum is designed to train students to become business professionals and entrepreneurs that have strong analysis of any problems faced based on moral values and business ethics and are able to adapt with technological changes.


Designed as a development and discussion channel of marketing insights to face competition between industries based on consumer perception by preparing students to become professional marketers who can plan, analyze, and implement strategies, tactics, and marketing values to handle consumer products, services, retail, or manufacturing.

Preparing students to be able to become financial professionals who have strong analysis of various financial risks and are able to provide solutions with various instruments.

Preparing graduates to be able to integrate various concepts and strategies for human resource management and understand the functions of human resources in order to be able to design and evaluate human resource systems and implement them in business practices.

Bachelor of Management Programs Courses