Realizing TSM academics who are reliable, intelligent, and creative in marketing implementation.


  1. Increase solidarity between internals, communities and all colleagues of IMA Campus Network in DKI Jakarta.
  2. Transferring knowledge, both in practical and theoretical forms in the marketing field in order to compete in an increasingly competitive business era.
  3. Develop organizational experience and expand networks among fellow practitioners, academics and professionals in the marketing field.

IMA 2019/2020
“Creativity at its finest notion”

Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) which is also part of the World Marketing Association (WMA).

IMA Sub Chapter Trisakti School of Management (IMA SC TSM) is an organization formed from the basis of cooperation of three parties, namely: Trisakti School of Management, IMA DKI, and IMA Pusat.

After a short vacuum and now back to activity since 2019, now IMA SC TSM has 26 management staff from both Jakarta Campus and Bekasi Campus.

  1. Welcome Party Internal: A welcoming ceremony for new IMA staff SubChapter Trisakti School of Management 2020/2021.
  2. Position Handover: Handover Position, is an event for handover positions from the old management to the new management.
  3. Online & Offline Seminar:
  • Knowing Consumer Psychology during Pandemic Transition (October 2020),
  • How to Survive The Crisis During the Pandemic (March 2021),
  • Strategic Digital Marketing in New Normal Era (May 2021).
  1. Marketing Plan Competition (Internal): A marketing planning competition held annually for TSM students.
  2. National Business Plan Competition (External): An annual college-level business planning competition that is participated by various campuses.
  3. Focus Group Discussion (Internal): A group discussion where each team will be given a topic and explain the pros and cons of the given topic.
  4. Coaching Clinic: Held to provide education about marketing and business, also provide training in competing in the marketing and business fields.
  5. Marketing Education via Social Media: Providing education about marketing through IMA Social Media such as Instagram and Line@.
  6. Character Building: An annual activity, in order to build the character of each committee.
  7. Gathering with IMA Pusat: An activity held by IMA Pusat to build a network with IMA Pusat members.
  8. TSM Economic Days – Collaboration with Senat Mahasiswa: Collaboration with Senat Mahasiswa: This program is a collaboration between IMA and Economic Days Committee to hold competitions related to debates in the marketing field.
  9. Company Visit: Visiting companies, where students will get direct insights about marketing and business.

Organization Structure of IMA SC TSM 2020/2021

PositionNameNIMContact Number
KetuaKezia Tania Sunaryo2019602310813-1746-5713
Wakil KetuaThereshia Valentina Kerenhapuk2019602170896-3352-0565
Sekretaris 1Mercy Claudia Menayang2017601230838-0548-7570
Sekretaris 2Sheren Priscilla Karnadi2019501420838-7530-7226
Bendahara 1Indriana Evelyn Manurung2017505340813-8581-0085
Bendahara 2Willis Riswanto2019602780857-1924-8899
Koor. Div. AcademicDarlenia Marvella Sjofian2019503900853-6300-9670
Anggota Div. AcademicNurul Mardatila Hildiniyah2020601310821-2465-8170
Anggota Div. AcademicGracella Irwana2020504190895-6041-83176
Anggota Div. AcademicRiyetni2019602570896-6892-1762
Anggota Div. AcademicRicho Christian2019504420815-8608-9275
Anggota Div. AcademicSteven2018600450896-6123-5136
Anggota Div. AcademicStevanie Laurensia2018500920815-1905-4225
Koor. Div. EventAntony Franklien2019601370823-7380-0812
Anggota Div. EventClara Amanda2020501110813-1868-9229
Anggota Div. EventJerry Nathaniel2020501090813-8373-6010
Anggota Div. EventFaris Husain2019504350822-6035-5955
Anggota Div. EventYunius2019602320877-8404-9670
Anggota Div. EventMarcella Putri Wizaya2018602590856-9306-0803
Koor. Div. Public RelationThasia2019601980812-9003-0317
Anggota Div. Public RelationWiena Chairunnisa Salsabila2020801300813-1926-3799
Anggota Div. Public RelationClaraficia Renata Utoyo2019602260812-1806-4827
Anggota Div. Public RelationViolina Setiawan2019602760812-9344-5528
Anggota Div. Public RelationBella Lorenza2019601350896-8585-9933
Koor. Div. Design & CreativeMichelle Ivana Gozali2018501730878-7566-7663
Anggota Div. Design & CreativeAzzahra Sabrina Rahma2018505940821-1271-0478
Anggota Div. Design & CreativeAngela Patricia Putri2018506340857-2222-2882