Student Organization

Trisakti School of Management puts big attention in developing extracurricular activities in student organizations. Therefore, Trisakti School of Management provides supporting facilities for those activities.

Student organizations are a place to enrich creativity and develop interest in organization, sport, art and others which support a profession so that TSM can achieve their goals in academics.

Student Representative Body consists of student representatives who are registered at TSM and still an active student for one year of management. The Student Representatives Body is fully responsible to oversee the implementation of activities that have been established in all work programs by the TSM student senate.

Student Representative Body have functions as:

  1. Representative of all TSM students
  2. A forum for student aspirations to the institution
  3. Channel for student aspirations to the institution
  4. Executor of legislative and adjudicative functions of student organizations

Student Senate (SEMA) is one of the student organizations in Trisakti School of Management which carries out its function as an executive of the student organization at Trisakti School of Management. The student senate actively participated carrying out programs on every period with a sense of professionalism and responsibility. The student senate facilitates the active student in Trisakti School of Management with programs those improve student academic as well as their creativity.