Assalamu Alaikum Warohmatullah Hiwabarokatuh,

Best wishes for all of us,

Om Swastyastu,

Namo Buddhaya,

Kind regards,

          Trisakti School of Management (TSM) stakeholders whom we respect, TSM is one of the best college in Indonesia which in this current era of digital disruption has a WORK ETHOS of Discipline, Excellence, Tolerance, Integrity and Competence (DETIC) which prioritizes compassion for others (Humanity). The work ethic carried out by the entire TSM academic community for maintaining a conducive educational atmosphere to produce students and graduates with a championship mentality. A championship mentality that not only wins every Accounting and Management competition, but also includes the attitudes and points of view of TSM graduates who are professional, honest, with high integrity, competent, and able to adapt to change.

       Distinguished Stakeholders of TSM, DETIC TSM’s work ethos which prioritizes Humanity will not succeed making TSM as a Leader and Excellent college in Indonesia without getting supported by NETWORKING and COOPERATION from TSM’s Stakeholders. We are thankful for the success of NETWORKING and COOPERATION that have been built by TSM’s Stakeholders, so TSM can reach all the achievements today. Layer upon layer foundation of NETWORKING and COOPERATION is built solidly by graduate users, Trisakti Foundation Trustees, Trisakti Foundation Supervisors, Trisakti Foundation Administrators, L2DIKTI Region III, predecessor seniors, employees, lecturers, alumni, students and their parents. A humanist DETIC TSM’s work ethos supported by NETWORKING and Stakeholders’ COOPERATION have enabled TSM to be able to establish itself as ONE OF THE EXCELLENT AND BEST HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS IN INDONESIA, so they are able to face the world with enthusiasm, confidence, and belief.

           Stakeholder TSM which we respect, let us put all our efforts and prayers together. Hopefully TSM will be able to realize its vision and mission, “To become a World Class Higher Education Institution”. May Allah SWT, the Almighty God always be with us all. Amen… Amen… YRA.

Jakarta, 8 Januari 2020

President of Trisakti School of Management

Arya Pradipta SE., Ak., ME., CA