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Why You Should Join The International Class

Rohan (201750366)

International Class – Accounting Major

Being part of International Class is such a blessing for me. One of the things that I never regret. Should I be good at English to join this class? I found out that the answer is no. What I need is courage, a will to learn, and of course, a decision. International Class taught me not to be a better student, but to be a best student. Fewer student in each International Class really enhanced my learning experiences. It felt like, I learnt every subject privately from the best lecturers. But of course, the main point that I can’t deny is, it was fun! Finding myself with a same classmate again and again every semester was something that even I couldn’t find in high school. It’s like, wow, I got another family! We learn together, play together, strive together, and sometimes sad and panic together… such a memory that I’ll never forget. By the way, where was I again? Right, fun. There were some moments that I felt, learning can’t be more fun than this. There were a lot of times when we learnt by games, fun quiz, puzzle, things that I couldn’t find outside this class. Well, there are actually many other good things that I went through, things that I couldn’t express through words. If I could rewind the time and someone asked me would I join International Class? My answer definitely will be, “of course!” Trust me, learning English by practice is one of the easiest way, and this way will open many other ways for the future career.

Evelyne Andumy (201760047)

International Class – Management Major

English is one of the world’s most important language. It is a mandatory skills that we should master to pursue greater career advancement. As TSM provides International Class program, I was really excited to join. There are many benefits that I received during my days in IC Class; Weekly presentation and discussion that develop and boost my confidence to speak English. All the books are dominantly written in English so it helps us to learn. The lecturers are supportive and really help us to understand. Also we are able to demonstrate our ability in English by making and presenting mini thesis. There are not many other universities that providing these kind of program with such a good deal. Don’t be hesitate to join! It was a great opportunity for us to improve our personal value.

Abraham James (201860062)

International Class – Management Major

At first, I decided to join International class at TSM because I want to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone, and also after I heard it from one of the lecturer in TSM about how good is International Class and what I will get if I join International Class. Surely, at the beginning I felt like I wouldn’t survive in International Class because of my English is not really good but the fact is TSM really understand and know what do we need in International Class and know how to deliver it to us as an International Class students with a good and supportive lecturer and classmates. In International Class I’ve learned so many things such as improving our English, soft skills, and many more. I’ve join the International Class since I’m at the first semester and right now I’m at the sixth semester and I don’t regret it at all. For you who wants to join the International Class it’s a good thing to try. If you want to get a bigger things you must start with a small things.

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