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Why You Should Join The International Class

Jonathan Teopilus (201760170)

International Class – Management Major

“Leap from my comfort zone” that’s what I thought when I applied for TSM International Class. Well, what I had decided that time has changed my life. At the beginning, I thought this international class would be tough (I think everyone will have that similar thought). But, the fact, TSM really understand what I need as an international class student. TSM created an exuberant studying atmosphere with very supportive and encouraging lecturers, and also positive classmates. Surely, in International Class, I got plenty of academic knowledge. But, beyond that knowledge, invaluable lessons, I learned how to face new things, I learned how to adapt, I learned to be bold and persistent.

If you are considering to apply for TSM international class, it will be felt so thrilling at first, but why don’t you try? Maybe, the next step you make will change your life forever. I do have experienced it and now, it’s your turn!”

Sherlia Lie (201760009)

International Class – Management Major

Choosing to be part of the international class is one of a great decision I made in my university life. In the international class we will be taught and learn in English. The environment will encourage us to be brave and familiarize ourself with global environtment, which help us to prepare for the international exposure.



Bella Audreylia (201750296)

International Class – Accounting Major

My experience in international class was phenomenal and exciting. During these years in classes, the friends are awesome, we’re like a close family, a great team. In international class, the way we learn is similar yet different with others. We utilize interesting ways to learn such as games and fun quizes, tho with different lecturers different styles of learning. The class is more private since the number of students isn’t a lot. The environment is more conducive for students to study and learn, asking questions is also easier. The lecturers speak in full English but don’t worry if you don’t understand, just ask and they will tell you in a way that is easier to be understood. Of course students are expected to speak and present in English too. Your English will be trained here so be confident, as it will help you in the future.

Overall, I had a great time and experience. For those who are interested in international class, be curious and let it be one of the factor to push you to gain more knowledge, skills, and experience that you will only have here. Good luck! 🙂